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DMCI Homes Launches 3 New Projects

DMCI Homes launches 3 major projects
By Charles E. Buban
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:33:00 10/11/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Placing full confidence in the country’s residential real estate market, DMCI Homes recently announced the launch of three mid-rise residential developments located within Metro Manila.

“These will all be targeted at middle-income families and individuals wanting a relaxing environment, a sort of retreat from the bustling metropolis,” described Isidro Consunji, president of DMCI Homes.

Why the middle-income market? He explained that based on the demographics alone, Metro Manila has a population of around 10 million—even a conservative figure of 5 percent middle-income homebuyers would already mean a potential 500,000 client for DMCI Homes.

Consunji added that the three projects—Ohana Place in Las Piņas City, Magnolia Place in Quezon City and East Raya Gardens in Pasig City—are set to inspire the market despite the developing global financial crisis.


“We believed DMCI Homes is well-prepared for this challenge. Having survived the Asian crisis in relatively good form, the company believes we have a good chance at weathering this one. These three projects, which are just the latest from the four (Rosewood Pointe, Tivoli Garden Residences, Riverfront Residences and Alta Vista de Boracay) we have unveiled last year, only proves of our confidence in the market remains strong,” said Alfredo Austria, DMCI Homes managing director.

The fact that DMCI Homes began as a construction company and its 54 years of extensive experience in construction and development only helps DMCI Homes to accomplish its projects more efficiently, faster and with better quality.

“We are able to offer our 2-bedroom units at a price that is equivalent of a studio unit in other developments,” said Alma Florendo, DMCI Homes project director.

Moreover, Florendo said that for each of the projects they launch they try to offer unique ambience, all aimed at providing their homebuyers and future residents unequaled relaxed living experience within Metro Manila.


What’s like living in Hawaii? DMCI Homes decided to recreate a similar ambiance in its first residential development project in Las Piņas City (on Alabang-Zapote Road near SM Southmall and Alabang Town Center).

Ohana Place will be a medium-density development composed of seven mid-rise, five-story structures.

More than 60 percent of this 3.15-hectare property will be devoted to open spaces, landscaping and first-rate outdoor amenities.

“Resort living will be highlighted with recreational amenities such as water features, clubhouse and cabanas, rock formations and lush landscaping, radiating a true Hawaiian resort ambiance,” Austria described.

“Ohana,” which is a Hawaiian word for family, has named its seven building from America’s 50th states’ key places and destinations: Honolulu, Maui, Lanai, Hanalei, Kauai, Lanikai and Anahola.

Interestingly even the shape of the lot area where the development stands imitates the configuration of the Hawaiian islands.

Modern Polynesian

Modern Polynesian architecture will be utilized throughout the development, from the entrance gate to the building facade.

“We are probably the first here in Metro Manila to use this design, which will be very evident in roof structures (steep peak-roof style), large overhangs, white stucco walls, light colored accents of wood and stone. However, we utilized modern materials like the asphalt shingles that imitate the look and color of the traditional thatched roof used in many Polynesian structures,” Austria said.

The open spaces will feature lush greenery dominated by gumamela and coconut trees.

The curvilinear swimming pool at the center of the development will also feature water slides and cascades, and even an island bar.

The two-bedroom and three-bedroom units will have sizes from 42 and 49.5 square meters to 66 sq m and with price ranging from P2.26 to P5.25 million.

Each of the 738 units that will be offered comes with a balcony and a service area located at the building’s roof deck.

The first building, the Honolulu, is scheduled to be turned over by August next year.

0.5-km park

While a water park will become the centerpiece of Ohana Place, DMCI Homes’ Magnolia Place on Tandang Sora Avenue Extension in Quezon City, will feature a half-kilometer long central curvilinear park that would be filled with flowering vines, trees and planting strips.

“We designed Magnolia Place to allow its future residents to move freely around this 3.29-hectare development. With 60 percent allotted to open spaces and common areas, residents will be able to enjoy the greenery,” said Ray Salazar, DMCI Homes director for Business Development and General Services.

Magnolia Place will feature 13 medium-rise, five-story, Neo-Asian-inspired buildings in single- and double-row configuration.

The two-bedrooms and three-bedrooms, with sizes from 42 and 49.5 sq m to 66 sq m, will have a price range between P2.2 million and P4.5 million.

There will be 843 units to be offered with the first two buildings, the Liana and Verawood, set to be turned over by February 2010.


DMCI Homes was a bit surprised when its Riverfront Residences in Pasig City sold out in just a few months.

“With so many homebuyers still looking for similar units in the area, DMCI Homes decided to add another development within the city. Hence, the East Raya Gardens, which will be located at the corner of Mercedes Avenue and Luis Street in Pasig City,” announced May Maylanie Precilla, DMCI Homes director for marketing.

The 2.91-hectare development will feature eight medium-rise, 5-story buildings as well as a 500-sq-m Balinese gardens and water features.

Following the theme of the Raya Garden Condominiums in Taguig City, the East Raya Gardens will also feature Balinese-themed architecture and resort amenities.

Dominating the development are traditional building forms that imitate nature, earthly tones of wood, bamboo and natural stones.

“Bali influences are simulated down to the tiniest of details including the building ornaments, carved wall panels, artworks, stone sculptures and exotic plants,” Precilla described.

Like DMCI Homes’ latest projects, East Raya Gardens will offer two- and three-bedroom units with sizes ranging from 42 and 49.6 sq m to 66 sq m.

A total of 778 units will be offered with prices ranging from P2.25 million to P4.12 million.

The first building is set to be turned over by February 2010.

“As the country’s first triple A builder and developer to offer first-rate projects to modest-income-earning families, we are proud to announce that all these developments will also be supported by DMCI Homes’ Property Management Team,” Salazar said.