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DMCI-BDO Home Loan Plan



What is DMCI Home Lite (DHL) Program?

Answer: DHL is a Special Banking Facility in partnership with BDO Unibank Inc. DHL is applicable to buyers in good payment status, meaning NO past due or delay in payment.

By not committing any delay in payment during the 12 months seasoning period, buyer will automatically qualify for a loan from BDO without undergoing the usual credit investigation and income qualification.


What are the requirements to avail of DHL Program?


At Reservation Stage:

  • Minimum of 20%DP
  • Signed Reservation Agreement
  • Duly Accomplished BDO Application Form
  • Marriage Certificate if applicable
  • 2x2 Pictures

At Loan Bookings:

  • Income Tax Return (as per BSP mandate); or
  • W2 if purely compensation income
  • Assign Atty-in-fact (AIF) by executing a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) if Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

Is DHL available to all DMCI homes projects?


  • Ideally, DHL is available to all BDO accredited NON-RFO & selected RFO projects with at least 12 months construction period.
  • DHL is not available for Alta Vista de Boracay project

What about projects that are RFO or less than 12 months to complete?


Buyer has 2 options:

Process under regular bank financing; or season for 12 months

e.g. 6 months DP 6 months MA



Payments pertaining to interest will be credited provided the loan is released within 6 months from start of Monthly Amortization (MA). Beyond 6 months, only the principal portion of all MA’s will be credited as equity.


Are there Post Dated Checks (PDC’s) requirement for DHL?

Answer: Yes

Buyer issued PDC’s to cover at least 12 months DP (or PDC’s for the entire DP portion if more than 12 months) and 1 lumpsum check for the balance


What is the Move-in policy if term is bank financing?


        The policy is Drawdown first before move-in

        Clearance to turnover will be issued after drawdown / loan release.


What are the benefits of Bank Financing?


  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Longer Loan Terms
  • Highest loan to Collateral Ratio
  • 2% Rebate upon loan release

What are the Interest Rates?


  • 10% Fixed for 1 year
  • 10.25 Fixed for 2 to 3 years
  • 10.50 Fixed for 4 to 5 years
  • 11.5% Fixed for 6 to years
  • 12% Fixed for 11 to 15 years

When Closing Fees are Collected?


Closing fees are collected prior to loan release. Client can choose any scheme below.

  • Scheme 1– Cash Payment
  • Scheme 2 – Downpayment Stage
  • Scheme 3 – Ready for Occupancy (RFO) Stage

Are there Pre-Termination Charges?


None! The client may opt to pay the principal or make balloon payments anytime without pre-termination fee.


Can In-house buyers convert to Bank Financing?


YES! The account will be restructured with NO restructuring fee.

Note: Effective only For December 31, 2008 reservation fee.


Can the Bank charges be part of the loan?

Answer: NO

It is an out-of-pocket expense that should be paid prior to loan booking/release.


What is MRI & How is the premium computed?


Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) is a life insurance policy taken by a mortgagor to repay the balance on a mortgage loan if he dies before its full repayment.


Computed as follows:

MRI Premium = Loan Amount / 1000 x 4.43

i.e. for 1M loan the premium is P4,443.00 per annum


What are the Accredited Insurance Companies of BDO?


Generali Pilipinas Insurance


Is there an interest cap on the duration of the loan?


There is no interest CAP during the period of the loan. The client however, has the option to fix the interest rate up to 15 years.


How does the Buyer pay the loan?


        By issuing post-dated checks for the monthly amortization or

        By opening an account & signing an auto-debit agreement with BDO.


If ownership to the unit is transferred to another buyer, will there be another 12 months of seasoning?


Yes, the seasoning period is enforced to determine the payment habit of the buyer aside from his capacity to pay.



For more information please call or email;



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Telephone No. (632) 408-8522