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DMCI Homes Philippines


DMCI Homes is owned by DMCI Holdings Inc. the country’s first Triple A builder and developer of premium quality, urban-friendly, fully serviced communities for the underserved young families of modest income that aspire to live comfortably near their place of work, of study and of leisure.
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For the growing family with limited options in an increasingly challenging urban living situation, we at DMCI Homes are here for you. At DMCI Homes, we build more than condominiums and houses, we build communities that respond to the needs and wants of the Filipino family. Residential communities by DMCI Homes provide what is healthy and suitable for the general well-being of individuals and growing families.

Beyond reliable structures, DMCI Homes’ residential communities provide a solid foundation where a family may create a place of their own and grow in a space they can truly call home, now and for years to come.

Our price is very competitive giving you 20-30% savings
compare to other condo developments in Metro Manila, our
projects are not Pre-selling or Pre-sale.

What is a Developer Pre-sale?
Most developers are unwilling or unable to place all their funds into construction of a development that is not assured of success.
Typically construction lenders (Banks) feel the same way and want to be assured the construction loans can be repaid in a timely manor.

The answer for the developer is pre-selling the development. If for some reason it does not sell, then the developer is out only a small investment.
Pre-sale development must reached 50-60% sold
before constructions commenced.

Pre-selling of buildings and resort condominiums has become a standard process, and virtually every condominium is pre-sold today. Once the required pre-sales have been reached and construction has begun it is a sure sign of a successful development.

DMCI Homes Community Project Portfolios:

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